Monday, January 2, 2012

An Updated Look At Our MOTUC Display...

Some folks e-mailed & commented with requests for an updated look at our MOTU Classics display... Well, here ya go!


  1. Excellent tour of your MOTUC Display room, nicely done I must say. One question which has been itching ever since I started watching your updates: what are the different levels in each glass cubicle made of? (the ones to create different levels to display the figs) is it glass, or some kind of plastic? Been looking for this kind of (affordable) solution for my collection of figs...

    Keep updating your site; it's a wonderful way to share your passion with your kids (from one father to another)!

  2. Impressive! I love the clear stands you use inside the Detolf cases. May I ask what kind of stands those are and where they were purchased?