Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Favorite MOTUC Figures Of 2011!

Now that 2011 has come to a close, the boys and I thought it might be fun to pick our top 3 releases of the past year... and reveal the figure we are most looking forward to in 2012 (so far). Enjoy! Oh, and please be sure to post your favs in the comments! We'd love to hear them!


  1. For 2012 it Fisto,Kobra Kahn,Stinkor cant choose just one I like all 3 has a kid and cant wait to have them has classics

  2. Your kids are funny. My daughters don't care for my toys like yours do, but I hope as they get older they will.

    Great choices. I didn't care for Gygor, but I love Shadow Beast. I skipped on Wind Raider due to not having room for vehicles, but it does look very impressive.

    I'd say my favorite of 2011 would be The Faceless One. I was huge fan of the MYP cartoon and I hope more characters from the 'toon are brought into the Classics fold.

    As far as 2012 - I'm not sure yet. Like you said about Man-E-Faces' joints I have to wait until I get a hands on feel for the figures before I can rank them.

    All time fav so far is Webstor.

  3. No love for the mistress of all evil, Shadow Weaver. 2011 fave was Wind Raider with Snout Spout in 2nd and Swiftwind in 3rd. 2012 is def S Weaver. Nice video with your boys. Happy New Year.

    BTW so jealous of your set up, very nice

  4. My have to be Man-E-Faces, Clawful and Catra. The first one is an amazing recreation of the vintage cardback artwork that inspired so many people. Clawful has seen the return of great shading and highly detailed paint! Catra is just way to poseable and iconic in POP and I am a huge POP fan!

  5. Haha! Great pick's guys! I have to go with

    1) Clawful looks classic and great!
    2) Snout Spout has always been a favorite, he's colorful and awesome!
    3) Leech looks cartoony yet menacing!

    All awesome!

    Runner up- Shadow Beast (Nuff' said)!