Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Apprentice of Hordak

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Real Name: Keldor of the House of Miro

Banished from the royal palace, in part due to distrust for the rare blue-skinned Gar race, Prince Keldor became an outcast. He traveled Eternia seeking knowledge and guidance, eventually discovering the ancient spirit of Hordak. From him, Keldor learned of the dark arts, and came to realize that to truly unite Eternia, he would need to take command of the planet himself. He gathered an army of fellow outcasts and led them in battle against his brother, Captain Randor. Eventually defeated, and near death, Keldor once again turned to Hordak who, in exchange for his own freedom, agreed to save Keldor’s life by merging him with Demo-Man, twisting Keldor into Skeletor — Lord of Destruction!

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Accessories: Twin Halves of the Power Sword, “Acid” Vial.

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