Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ask Matty!
May 3rd 2011

Hey all! Here's the May 3rd Q & A!


1.) In the past, it seemed pre-orders weren't logistically possible for the Mattycollector site. However, there is currently a pre-order listed on the site for the Cars "Lightning McQueen Alive" item. Has the policy on pre-orders for the site changed? If so, would it be possible to use this system for non-subscription items (like the upcoming MOTU Classics vehicle) so that fans won't have to deal with the sale day craziness? Even better, would it be possible to use this system to get non-sub items combined into out subscription items to save on shipping?

This was a one time thing we did for this toy. It will not be an ongoing policy to presell on Mattycollector.com. Maybe this will change one day, but not at this time.

2.) It seemed that there were a lot of problems with the e-mail receipt process on April's Club Eternia subscription items. One e-mail only listed Sy-Klone, one inexplicably alerted us to a change in the "pre-order" date, and none had any mention of Panthor. Is this being looked into? Can we expect that our e-mail receipts in the future will have a correct and detailed listing of the items we paid for?

Yes. We are addressing this.

3.) If Prince Adam does get a single carded release in the future, is there any way that his vest could be corrected to include the Four Horseman's original intended sword holster? (I am speaking of the vintage style Adam here, not the 200X style)

It is always possible but there is no single carded Adam planned at this time. Maybe one day down the road.

4.) You have stated before that mini-comics can't happen right now due to the cost of printing and packing them... But have you ever given thought to digital downloads? Even making the original versions available in this format would be neat... and digital versions of brand new stories would make a great additional subscription incentive.

Digital downloads would be a great distribution, but there is still the cost of producing them and creating them. We have VERY limited resources for the MOTUC line and right now we are putting all of these into the toys.

5.) It seems that each figure in the MOTU Classics line that had a 'dial' on their vintage counterpart now has a sculpted dial in the current line (like Optikk, Sy-Klone, and Hurricane Hordak). Will you guys be skipping this on characters like Tung Lashor, where the dial would have to be a part of their actual skin?

Correct. We will only add the dial if it is part of the armor.

Thanks again to Mattel for taking the time to do this!