Friday, January 6, 2012

Blaze's MOTUC Theater
Episode 1: King Randor's Special Mission

Welcome to a new continuing segment here at Blaze's MOTUC Theater! If you watched our Christmas video, you may be aware that Blaze got an iPod touch for Christmas. One of the new features on the iPod touch is the ability to record and send videos. Well, on the day I went back to work, Blaze sent me a steady stream of funny MOTUC shorts that he thought up and filmed with his figures using the touch. I really got a kick out of seeing what his 9-year-old imagination and oddball sense of humor came up with. So after I got home, I asked if he might want to use my camera and start doing little shorts with his figures at home so we could add them to the site. He of course was all over this idea.

So what you see here is totally from the mind of Blaze. I edited the video and added the text segments he wanted, but everything else was totally him and will continue to be completely from him for as long as he wants to do these. Hope you guys get as much of a kick out of these as I do and that they provide a brief distraction from our sometimes boring adult lives...


  1. Haha! Thanks Blaze, now I want a cold milkshake too! :)

  2. But how will those guards find work and support their families? I bet they'll enlist in the HORDE! Does Randor insist on getting his chocolate milk shakes from Burger King?