Friday, December 9, 2011

Fan Art Fridays:
"Vikor Vs. Demo-Man"
By Chris Campana

Today's "Fan Art Fridays" piece features a titanic battle between the barbaric do-gooder Vikor and the fluorescent foe Demo-Man! This fantastic bit of art comes to us from artist Chris Campana. Chris is a lifelong MOTU fan who has done work in both comics and video game design! To see more from Chris, you can check out a couple of his upcoming projects on Facebook HERE and at the Vigilante Project ... or you can shoot him an e-mail about commissions at


Interested in having your MOTU art featured on "Fan Art Fridays"? Well shoot me an e-mail at and let's talk!


  1. Love the intensity but the positioning of the sword blade makes it look like he has a shark fin on the front of his face.

  2. Sometimes foreground and background aspects can sort of mesh together in original pencils. A fully-colored version of this piece would give color contrast between those 2 elements...

  3. Eric, I can see what you see? Lol. Glad you only found one thing to not like about it.