Friday, December 2, 2011

Ask Matty!
December 1st 2011

Hey all! Here's the December 1st Q & A!


1.) This question is in regards to subscription charging & shipping- When we originally signed on for the subs, credit cards were supposed to be charged 2 days before the on sale date, with the items shipping on or before sale date. As time has gone on, charge dates have moved up earlier in the month while shipping seems to move further out. And to add to the frustration, the renewal e-mail notices sometimes arrive after a charge has already been made. For example, this past month I was charged on November 10th, got my renewal notice on November 14th , and still don’t have any kind of shipping notice as of the 15th (meaning the sub items won’t leave the warehouse until the 17th at the earliest, since the shipping seems to not actually occur until the day after I get my notice). My question is this- Why are we charged SO early on if our items aren’t going to ship until up to a week later? I’ve never had a week turnaround between charge and shipping with any other online store… It just doesn’t seem very efficient.

We are actively working on aligning shipping and CC charges to be as close together moving forward!

2.) My last few orders from Matty have included a $5 coupon good towards DCUC figures. This has been a pretty nice bonus, especially since I was able to use them towards the TRU DCUC Vs MOTUC packs! I am wondering though if you’ve given any thought into doing the reverse- Including a coupon good towards purchases at inside the package of figures bought at retail stores. It would seem that this would be a good way of making brick-and-mortar consumers more aware of Matty’s presence online…

It is always a promotion we can look into, but nothing planned at this time.

3.) Speaking of those DCUC Vs MOTUC packs- Is there anything being done to help clear the glut of Wave 1 Skeletor/ Luthor packs from stores? I have never seen Wave 2 or Wave 3 in stores due to the overwhelming supply of this pack and I’m a bit worried that I never will.

Yes, we are working with TRU to move through the older inventory and get to the newer figures.

4.) Are there any plans to create an add-on sub for extras like Granamyr in 2012? Having to go online to buy Bubble Power She-Ra is a good reminder of how inconvenient ordering non-sub items can be.

No, we purposely need to keep some items out of the sub so we have the freedom to grow or shrink the line as needed and to adjust prices for new concept items like vehicles and giant Dragons (like how the Windraider was originally 40.00 but had to be raised to 45.00 in the end). If we include items in the sub, we have to stick to the advertised price at sub purchase and need some flexibility to grow the line.

5.) I know it’s pretty far in the future still, but in regards to Granamyr- Is there any chance that he might get the same packaging treatment as the Wind Raider? It would be cool to see a vintage-style painting for this long sought after character as opposed to the standard window box.

It might be possible but we just are not there yet as far as his development as a toy and a package.

Thanks again to Mattel for taking the time to do this!


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