Sunday, October 2, 2011

Masters Of The Universe
Newspaper Comic Strip #1

For years now, I have searched for a full run of the vintage He-Man newspaper comic strips. I was getting so desperate to read these rare gems that I even contemplated pouring over the micro-fiche files at my local library. Well, thanks to an AWESOME dealer at Power-Con, I now have black and white copies of the 10 week US run of the strip! That's right folks- 70 sequential panels! Though it made it longer in foreign markets, I'm really not sure if it even made it past 10 weeks in the United States, so this could be the entire US run...

Well... since I love to spread some MOTU love, I've decided to scan each and every strip to share with you guys! In order to preserve what the original owner has though, I'm going to stick a watermark on these (sorry if it is distracting, but the seller was super nice so I have to differentiate these somehow). Oh- And I'm doing something a little whacky too... I'm going to try and post these just as if you were reading them in your local paper, meaning 1 strip a day for the next 10 weeks. Enjoy!



  1. Congrats on your awesome find! Thanks for sharing 'em!

  2. Thanks for uploading them. I really enjoyed them. ;)