Sunday, October 23, 2011

Enter "The Ultimate Battleground"
Battle Bracket Contest!!!

A war rages across Eternia... Friends turn into foes as 64 warriors clash in an epic confrontation across time and space... Only one shall survive in... THE ULTIMATE BATTLEGROUND!


Have you ever filled out one of those "March Madness" bracket ballot things? You know the kind... where you pick winners in each round of a tournament and whoever has the most correct guesses at the end gets some sort of prize? Well, since I've never been into sports, I've always had to admire that game from afar... until it dawned on me that the principles of this guessing game could be applied to something I actually do like: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS! So I chose 64 characters, threw them all randomly into 32 fights, created a spreadsheet around it and voila... "THE ULTIMATE BATTLEGROUND" bracket was born!

So here's where you all come in... I'd really like to see a bunch of people involved in this thing, getting together and tracking the winners and so forth... so to get the ball rolling for this first endeavor I'm offering not one, but TWO MOTU Classics figures to the participant who walks away with the most points at the end of the game. Which 2 figures are they you ask? Well none other than guy-with-three-eyes TRI-KLOPS and the man of many faces MAN-E-FACES! I like to call it the "prize with a lot of eyes"! Ha!

Here's the lowdown on how you can participate:

1.) Shoot me an e-mail at with the subject "Ultimate Battleground Entry" in the subject line, then watch your inbox for a reply with a couple of excel spreadsheets attached. One of these will be your entry bracket that you'll need to fill out and return to me NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 15th! "Round 1" of the bracket is already filled out, with 64 MOTUC characters paired up randomly in 32 bouts. You'll need to pick who you think will win these pairings and insert those names into the 32 boxes listed under "Round 2". For every one of these that you guess correctly, you'll get 1 point. Next- fill out your guesses as to the 16 winners of the 32 bouts from "Round 2" into the 16 empty boxes listed under "Round 3". Correct answers in Round 3 are worth 2 points. Then choose the 8 winners of those fights and place them under "Round 4"... right answers here are worth 4 points. Narrow that down to 4 winners placed under "Round 5". Get any of those right and you'll get 8 points a pop. Next, choose 2 winners from the fights in "Round 5" to plug under the "Round 6" column. Correct answers in "Round 6" give you 16 points each! Lastly, choose your overall winner and plug him or her under the "Winner" column. A right answer there gives you a whopping 32 points!!! (Don't worry if you didn't get all of that! An example sheet will also be included with my reply e-mail).

2.) When deciding the winners for each bout, keep in mind that the victor is chosen totally at random! So just because Skeletor would trounce Stratos in a fight ordinarily, doesn't mean that he will win the coin toss that decides the winner of the bout in this contest! Random chance gives everybody an equal opportunity to win... So when you see your boy Cringer going up against Faceless One- Don't panic! He could easily win that coin toss!

3.) Winners for each fight will be announced in one of four ways:

-Status updates over at
-Tweets from our twitter account
-Blog posts right here at
-And lastly, we'll do a few of the picks during our MOTUC video spotlights over at our youtube channel

So if you want to keep track of your ballot every step of the way, be sure to follow us at all 4! If you don't want to do that, the winner will be notified by e-mail when the tournament ends... But I really hope you'll follow along! That's half the fun!

4.) A winner will be announced and contacted via e-mail once the tournament has ended. In the event of a tie, a winner will be chosen by random amongst the equal top scores.

And that should be about it... If any of that doesn't make sense, feel free to e-mail me at

I hope you guys and gals will participate in this and that it's something we can do on a recurring basis. Thanks!


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