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Ask Matty!
November 1st 2011

Hey all! Here's the November 1st Q & A!


1.) Since it seems like there is some sort of loophole in the 1987 MOTU movie rights that allows you to make accessories based on the props used in the film (Adora's handgun, Captain Glenn's rifle, the Cosmic Key), is there any chance that we may eventually see a film-inspired power sword included in the MOTUC line?

It might be possible but it isn't something we are in a rush to do. The guns were more of an Easter Egg then a loop hole!

2.) The inclusion of the Alcala Skeletor head with Demo-Man is quite a treat and is a very clever means of getting fans this much-requested item without forcing another Skeletor purchase on us. Is it possible that we may see this sort of pack-in again in the future (i.e. including a head meant for another character)?

Yes, our long term plan has always been to throw in these type of items to hit fan demanded requests without making fans buy extra figures.

3.) After Toy Guru's recent statements about's relelvance to the MOTUC fanbase (i.e. saying things like "the small passionate "bubble" -with about 200 posters and 50 of which post regularly"), I just wanted to ask if you were aware of the actual numbers behind has over 8000 registered members. Out of those, between 1000 to 1500 log in each day, with an additional 4000 to 5000 guests also visiting and viewing the forums daily. Unlike other forums, also purges inactive accounts, so the majority of their 8000 registered users are actual regular users. Given the statements in the past that the MOTUC line is done on very small numbers, it would seem that trivializing this amount of the fan community was a fruitless move. Does Mattel as a whole view as such a small portion of the fanbase when they see these numbers in comparison to the overall number of MOTUC sales (especially when this is the "lowest-selling" sub yet)?

Yes, we are well aware of the number of fans who are active posters and visitors to websites through both Google analytics and manual counts. Further:

From Toyguru himself:

"Hey guys, I meant no offence at explaining this. All I was attempting to do we manage expectations as to why we might not be able to hit certain fan requests that come up a lot simply because there is a difference in something being requested by a large number of fans vs something requested by a small number of fans over and over. It is very similar to the JLU line on a site like The fans there are extremely passionate but we know from sales data as well as manual counts of posters within a 30 day period that it really is the same small group that post over and over. The internet has a way of giving everyone a voice which can be a lot louder then it is accurate in terms of the total fan base. Personally I have nothing but respect for all of the fan sites and is a GREAT site to chat MOTU."

4.) This one's just for fun- What's the consensus over at Mattel- Does Icarius look more like Val Kilmer or Arnold Schwarzenegger? My money is on Kilmer.

From Toy Guru:

"Personally, I also think a little Val Kilmer, but it is all Icarius!"

5.) Since only 3 of the 4 Quarterly variants get packed out with a mini-comic in 2012, are there any plans for the fourth variant to include anything special as a means of "keeping the trend" going? I'd feel sorry for that 4th variant if he or she doesn't include a little bonus like his 2012 variant brethren...

No. Alas we did not have a budget for a forth comic. Since fans are getting these at zero additional cost, it really is a bonus and not something we can include with every figure.

Thanks again to Mattel for taking the time to do this!


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  1. I realize it would require an entirely new sculpt, but is it possible you could get around to doing Dylamug Filmation style? He's one of my favorites because of his unusual appearance. In fact, I asked Emiliano to sign a sketch of this character at the Grayskull Convention this year. I would also like to see the Space Pirates and Captain Sticky Fingers from the episode 'One For All' slotted into the Classics line. I think they would make a pretty cool extra faction, plus you have an opportunity for army building with all those pirate soldiers under Sticky Finger's command. Food for thought.