Friday, February 10, 2012

Fan Art Fridays:
"Trap Jaw At Snake Mountain"
By Danbrenus

Today's installment of "Fan Art Fridays" features a piece that is very special to me. :) I first came across Danbrenus' art over at the forums and was immediately impressed by the similarities between his style and the art used for the vintage line back in its infancy. Dan's art shows a love for Alcala's mini-comic style while also playing homage to the cross-sell images seen on the vintage cardbacks. The minute I saw his work, I knew it would be a perfect fit for a long-held desire of mine... so I commissioned this Trap Jaw piece from him-


...which after some slight revisions (and roughly 10 hours of work later), became this tattoo that covers my left calf-


Please keep in mind that this picture was taken immediately after the last session was done, so it was a bit puffy back then. Now that we are a year past it, everything has settled and the tattoo looks fantastic. I can't thank Danbrenus or Andy from over at Flying Tiger Tattoo enough for their hard work in both the design and its implementation in the form of the tattoo. You guys rock!

To check our more stuff from Danbrenus, head over to his deviant art site here:

To see more of Mr. Andy's tattoo work, check out his blog here:

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  1. Danbrenus here, thanks for the kind words, I have to say this is my favourite MOTU site/blog/forum actually, you are doing a great work and I appreciate it very much.

  2. Danbrenus is by far my favorite MOTU artist! His Alcala mini comics style blew me away when I saw it!
    It made me appreciate the first mini comics even more!
    That tattoo came out great, it's close to the source material!
    Dan's Transformer art rocks too, it reminds me of the UK TF, my favorite!