Monday, August 30, 2010

A Proud MOTU Papa...

A bit of off-topic randomness for you...

My 2 sons (Blaze who recently turned 8, and Keaton who is 3) and I have this little thing we do sometimes called "He-Man club". We head down to the basement and do a He-Man related activity whilst wearing our "warrior rings". It can be anything from telling a story, playing with toys, watching a cartoon or reading a book together, but it has to be MOTU-related (it is a He-Man club after all). Well, Saturday we decided it would fun to do a little coloring, so I got out this vintage coloring book I bought as part of a lot of random stuff on ebay recently. The boys went to town with their crayons... and Blaze busted out one that I thought was really cool and worth sharing-

First there were a couple of standard ones-



But then he gives me this one-


I'm like "Woah, what have we here?" and Blaze says "That's the Anti-Eternia He-Man dad... like the one you showed me from the German audio tapes".

Having an 8-year-old who knows who Anti-Eternia He-Man is? Awesome.



  1. For the person that seems to take enjoyment in pointing out that they can color better than an 8 year old... Congrats! You should be proud. But why do you keep posting it under an anonymous name? The whole world would like to know the name of the artistic genius who feels the need to tout his skills over those of an adolescent! Take pride in your posts!

    And I will delete whatever posts I wish to, thank you very much.

  2. Hi, never heard of an Anti Eternia He-man. it would be great seeing the MOTUC line making a toy of him!

    nice colors!!!!
    ps.and i am a profesional artist, just in case for the "anonymus" viewer.:)
    ps2.nice blog!

  3. Anti-Eternia He-Man is from the German audio tape series. To see what he'd look like in figure form, check out my custom here:

    and thanks very much for the compliment on Blaze's coloring! He'll be excited to hear that!