Monday, August 16, 2010

Ask Matty!
August 16th 2010

Hey all! Here's the August 16th Q & A!


1.) Many of the current hot toy lines have a separate stylized line devoted to a younger audience. With the growing popularity of MOTU Classics, is there ANY chance of a MOTU line aimed at younger kids, possibly with new characters?

This is something we look into but nothing to announce right now.

2.) After upping production, She-Ra sold out in around 20 minutes, Marzo around 50 minutes. Will production be increased again due to these still relatively fast sellouts, and are you taking the fact that most folks will buy multiples of things like the army builder packs when deciding on those production numbers?

We are constantly updating and changing out production runs. We actually brought just a handful of She-Ra figures to SDCC and did not sell out. So we take that into account as well when reviewing future runs.

3.) When the Grayskull stands get released again next year, will any changes be made? Many folks have complained about the overall quality and the amount of pegs included...

They will be the exact same offering. No changes.

4.) Is there any way of giving fans a tentative list of what reissues will be coming next year? The list wouldn't have to include definitive dates, but hearing exactly which figures are coming back next year would help fans in deciding which characters they don't need to turn to the secondary market for.

Sorry, even a tentative list changes too often for us to announce the full year. Not every month will have a reissue but many will.

5.) Will the Cosmic Key included with Preternia He-Man be able to separate from the handle? It looks as if it was designed to match the Gwildor toy, which is cool (and a hopeful hint that Gwildor is coming sooner rather than later), but it would be nice to be able to display it sans handle...

The prototype at SDCC was the hand-painted sculpt from the Horsemen. The final toy will be a completely removable accessory just like with any other figure. Many of the prototypes have permanent accessories in the hands for display and review but this does not represent how the final product will be.

(NOTE- Obviously, there was some confusion on that last question as it appears Matty thought we were asking if the Key was removable from the HAND and not the HANDLE piece. I have an e-mail into them now to clarify this. I'll update once I get a response.)

EDIT- Matty clarifies that last answer-

The whole Cosmic Key is one accessory. It does not come apart. Hope that clarifies.

Thanks to Mattel for taking the time to do this!


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