Friday, September 9, 2011

Fan Art Fridays:
"He-Man Vs. The Evil Horde"
By Chris Faccone

Hey all! Welcome to the very first installment of "Fan Art Fridays"! I figured that it might be fun to do a recurring post each Friday spotlighting some of the great artists in the He-Man fan community! And what better way to start than with this WONDERFUL He-Man battle scene from artist Chris Faccone! Chris has done a lot of great MOTU art, so don't be surprised to see a lot more from him here on "Fan Art Fridays"! To reach Chris about possible commissions, e-mail him at, or check out his site-


Interested in having your MOTU art featured on "Fan Art Fridays"? Well shoot me an e-mail at and let's talk!

1 comment:

  1. Great new feature! Chris Faccone has an awesome retro style!