Friday, September 16, 2011

Ask Matty!
September 15th 2011

Hey all! Here's the September 15th (or is 16th?) Q & A!


1.) In previous Q & A sessions, you've stated that the identity or backstory of the green head included in the Eternian Guards pack will be revealed at a later time. Many fans assumed after seeing the new mini-comic that the head represented a "snake-ified" Man-At-Arms. In the last "Ask Matty" segment though, you confirmed that the head included in the Eternian Guards pack is not intended to represent the transformed Man-At-Arms. So the question then is- If it isn't Man-At-Arms, then what is it?

You'll just need to wait and see. As we said, that info will be revealed in time.

2.) I know this has been asked before, but have you guys given any further thought to doing additional mini-comics as digital downloads? Even if you can't afford to do new stories, making the existing vintage mini-comics available in this manner would be a real treat for the fans.

Sure we know there is fan demand but when we say we have limited resources for this brand that really is so. Right now we are putting all we can into the 6" figure line, we simply don't have the available resources to branch out to comics or DVDs right now.

3.) Are vac-metalized weapons possible within the constraints of the Weapons Pak production budget? It seems like this would make a perfect outlet for Vac-metalized He-Ro armor!

Possible yes, but as vac metal is a bit more expensive it would take funds away from other items in a pack or reduce the total number of items in a pack if we included some with vac metal. Hypothetically speaking of course.

4.) This one is for Scott- Now that Filmation is on the table, which version of Evilseed do you personally want to see in MOTU Classics first: Filmation or 200x style? My vote goes to Filmation!

From Toy Guru:

"Personally? I think Evil Seed would be a perfect candidate for two heads since he has two distinct looks but could clearly share the same body. We'll just have to see what design and the Horsemen want to do when and if we get to Evil Seed, and what the budget for the figure is! But if I had to choose one head I like the "2002 head" better, not that the onion isn't cool, just not my personal choice."

5.) Time for a hint please- Can you tell us to which allegiances the 3 unknown quarterly variants in 2012 belong? You don't even need to be so specific as to say "Horde", "Galactic Protector" or anything like that… Just a simple thing like "2 evil and 1 good" would be a fun hint.

Sorry, this is still influx so we don't want to announce anything only to wind up being wrong later in the year.

Thanks again to Mattel for taking the time to do this!

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