Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ask Matty!
September 1st 2010

Hey all! Here's the September 1st Q & A!


1.) Many fans were impressed by the full-color illustrated mailer box included with the SDCC Plasticman figure. Is there any way we could get something similar for MOTU Classics as opposed to the plain white mailer used now?

Not at this time. We need to save a bit on the line and this is one way we can do that and put more money into the product.

2.) Many of the recent figures seem to be plagued with the "loose ankle" syndrome. Are you looking into a fix for this problem and if so how soon can we expect to see a difference?

We are constantly working with our vendors to improve articulation and joint issues. We are well aware of this one and are hard at work on it!

3.) Can you clarify what the "diorama piece" for next year is? A lot of folks think it may be the Weapons Rack shown in the slide show. What sort of price point will these pieces go for?

You will just need to wait and see! We are not ready to spill the beans yet.

4.) Is the reissue of Battle Cat slotted in for next year yet and if so can you tell us when it will be happening? His quick sellout coupled with his status as an integral character has him high on many fans "wanted" lists.

As promised, Battle Cat is coming again, at the end of fall 2010.

5.) Why was the decision made to keep the "200x-inspired" loincloth and extra weapons on Grizzlor, but not the extra face?

We never budgeted for an extra head on Grizzlor. The Horsemen sculpted that just for fun. The loincloth was always costed in from day one. Many times the Horsemen sculpt extra parts not in the budget and we do our best to keep these from being shown to the public to avoid confusion. Unfortunately, this was not the case with Grizzlor and an image slipped through. To rest this one: the extra head was never costed in and we did not have the budget for it.

Thanks to Mattel for taking the time to do this!



  1. About the answer to question 5 for Grizzlor would also apply to Adam's sheath on his back for the proto we saw. "They did just for fun" or "we never saw it." Personally I'm suspicious since they had almost 3 months to look at the product. Skip B.S. answers about not enough lead time and all that. The lineup for the whole year is setup a year in advance as has been stated before. How can important details like this can't just mysteriously slip under the radar?

  2. Yeah they "didn't have the budget" to include that one small piece in a line selling at a premium price that is largely made up of re-used parts, and which sells out in an instant every month, regardless of what is released, and sees almost pure profit from the re-issues and retail sold vs two packs. Sure, I believe that about as much as I believe that they are still "working on" the ankle issue after two damn years, and have still not managed to solve the matter so it doesn't keep happening.

    Yeah, and the paint on Orko's ears will be fixed in time for release too...