Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Custom Goodness!

Some more custom accessories spotlighted! First up are multiple versions of the "Master Blade of the Empyrean" and "Witching Axe of Ruination", plus one more variation of the "Blade of the Demon King", all brought to you by Spy Monkey Creations!

And lastly, a corrected "Cosmic" sword (with macthing stone) to properly equip your He-Ro, from Plastique Realm!



  1. fantastic shots. what camera equipment do you use and where did you get that background

  2. So Where are you getting the custom power swords? I know about Spy monkey but where are you getting those awesome power swords?

  3. Ultimate Evil> My wife does the photography... I can ask her waht equipment she uses. I made the background from a reworked Silent Screamers Golem door...

    The Art> The link for the guy that makes the custom cast swords is in the text up there...