Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eldor Unproduced Cardback Found!

Jordan over at Hollywood Heroes just made an "Indiana Jones size" discovery... the cardback for the unproduced vintage Eldor figure! How cool is this!? Now I REALLY want a Classics Eldor! Check out how cool this guy (and not to mention Gray/ He-Ro) would have been-



In case you can't make it out, here's the text from the cardback-

Profile: Heroic Guardian of the Book of Living Spells... responsible for transforming Gray into He-Ro, the Most Powerful Wizard in the universe!
Weapon: The Knowledge of the Ancients
Origin: Unknown

The Book Of Living Spells:

The Book Of Living Spells contains the ultimate secrets of Preternia- the Secrets of Transformation. Thus whenever Eldor opens it, he can uncover all the secrets of past, present, and future Eternia- AND CHANGE IT! For nothing on Preternia stays the same... as you will soon see!

And the accessory stuff-


1.) Snap open book from either side as shown
2.) Peel off adhesive back of He-Ro hologram & Eldor picture and match them to corresponding engravings as shown
3.) Peel off adhesive back of Tyrantisaurus Rex hologram & Bionatops picture and match them to corresponding engravings as shown
4.) Eldor has hands that pivot at the wrist for holding the ancient Book of Living Spells!



  1. Did it also show action figure images for Fangman, Icer, Evil Droid, Scorpia, Shadow Weaver and Imp?

    Mr D P Hill

  2. proper scans would be nice

  3. I will try and get some up... Just gotta watermark 'em...

  4. I know the creatures of "Powers of Grayskull" collection was sold as the last ones, but I want to know if either He-Ro or Eldor was released to it's purchase. That's a pity if not.

  5. awesome! now only if the cards for he-ro and gigantisaur would pop up. those are the only 2 left that have not surfaced in the whole 80's classic motu collection. i know he-ro exists, jordan has mentioned it, just a matter of getting those pics. grrr.. gigantisaur has to exist imo, the proto was basically the final scuplt in the 87 catalog.