Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vintage Art Recreation:
He-Man Cardback

It's been awhile... but we finally got out to do our second vintage art recreation! Since Teela just arrived this week, the possibilities for recreation expanded quite a bit. The He-Man cardback features her, He-Man, and Man-At-Arms so we went with that one.

Finding a hill with nothing but clouds behind it was a bit of a challenge...but the worst part was keeping all three standing! Everything would look great...then Teela would fall and take out He-Man or Man-At-Arms would fall down and I'd knock He-Man down trying to fix him. Grrrr... And then there were some poseability and scale issues that we had to try and work around (what works in a drawing doesn't always work out so well when using action figures). It all turned out in the end though. I'm especially happy with how Teela looks; she matches the cardback drawing really well in my opinion.

Original cardback art:

Classics recreation:



  1. This is SO AWESOME! I saw someone do Moss Man's cardback recreation on facebook and googled it and it brought me here, please do more this is fantastic!