Sunday, October 25, 2009

So it's not really a Classics figure....

...but it's inspired by one!

Both my sons are are just like their dad- they love Star Trek and He-Man. Last year we did a Trek Halloween, with me as Spock, my oldest (Blaze) as Kirk, and my youngest (Keaton) as the Mugato. Well, this year Keaton wanted to be He-Man... which thrilled me to no end. Blaze at first wanted to be Skeletor, but has since switched to wanting to be a werewolf (which is actually a relief because I don't know if I could have finished a decent Skelly costume in time).

One of my best friends, Nick, also has a 2 year old son going as He-Man, so we've been able to shoot ideas back and forth on costuming and such. We both chose the classics figure for inspiration. Here's a couple of work in progress quick snapshots on Keaton's suit. Still have to finish the boots, tighten up the arms, and add the bracelets...but you get the idea...When it's all said and done, the wife will take some really nice clean pictures for me to share with everyone. Oh, and ignore that pesky 2000's power sword! nick has a wooden classics version waiting for me at his place!

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