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Ask Matty!
April 15th 2011

Hey all! Here's the April 15th Q & A!


1.) After the reversed shoulders were discovered on Roboto, we were told that measures would be implemented so it did not happen again. Just a few months later, the exact same thing happens with Hssss. We know they obviously weren't successful, but exactly what measures were put into place after Roboto to prevent the reversed shoulders from happening again?

What we can say is we understand where the error occured and it was in different stages on both Roboto and Hssss which is why Hssss' error was not picked up. It occured earlier in the process then the Roboto's error.

2.) We have been told that "this is your Hssss people" and that the figure won't be replaced or refunded, since the shoulder issue wasn't deemed as being bad enough to warrant a fix. My question is this- Just how many issues would a figure have to have before it's considered wrong? Since putting the shoulders on the wrong arms and compromising the 4H's original sculpt isn't deemed as a big enough deal, just what would be a big enough deal to warrant calling a figure defective?

A good measure of this might be an error that would be noticed by your "average person". Maybe something like reversed feet or hands. The minor detailing on Hssss' armor that differentiates right from left wasn't even picked up by the 24 reviewers who recieved samples at NYTF. So it is with good faith we can say that the Hssss error is very hard to spot and does not warrant being defective when fan sites don't even pick it up. It was not spotted until after it was sold. (not that we wish we hadn't spotted it before production!)

3.) According to a posting from Toy Guru, there was supposed to be some kind of news at C2E2 about the DCUC VS MOTUC series... but nothing seems to have been revealed there. What happened, and what was the news supposed to be?

It would have been the next DCU vs MOTU 2 pack. It wasn't ready yet. Once it is we'll reveal it!

4.) The Leech and Hurricane Hordak reveals were quite a pleasant surprise! One small observation- The original Hurricane Hordak featured a vac-metalized torso, while the MOTUC version seems to have armor either painted or molded in gold plastic. We saw this same change from the vintage counterpart in the He-Ro figure. Is vac-metalizing not going to happen in this line? Is it simply too costly? (NOTE- This question was asked before it was revealed that Hurricane Hordak's armor would indeed be vac-metalized.)

Yes, as announced at Wonder Con, on Facebook and multiple times on our forums, he will have Vac-Metal on the chest armor.

5.) How do Hurricane Hordak's attachment's attach to his arm? It's tough to tell in the pictures. Many fans are hoping that the "male" end is on his weapons, and the "female" end is on the cannon arm, since this arm would be great for an eventual blue-skinned, cannon-armed Hordak!

The final figure's attachments will fit just like Roboto and Trap Jaw's attachements.

Thanks again to Mattel for taking the time to do this!

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