Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ask Matty!
February 1st 2011

Hey all! Here's the February 1st Q & A!


1.) Is the Green Lantern VS Zodac DCUC/ MOTUC 2 pack pictured in Toyfare in it's finalized form? Many fans were hoping that Zodac would feature the gloved hands used on figures like Hordak and Zodak instead of the Skeletor forearms painted white. If this is the finalized version of this figure, why was this mold chosen for the arms?

Yes, this is the final version of the figure as based on early vintage cross sell art. We understand some fans are asking for the “Filmation” version, but that is not what we were going for at this time.

2.) Stratos has just had a new release as part of the DCUC VS MOTUC packs, yet he has a reissue planned for May... while She-Ra (a figure that many folks are missing from their collections) still awaits the reissue treatment. Why was the decision made to push out another Stratos before the more-requested She-Ra reissue?

There are a lot of logistical issues that go into releases that we simply cannot share with the public. We do have more plans for She-Ra, just not yet. We know fans are looking for the behind-the-scenes scoop, but honestly there just isn’t one in this case!

3.) You stated in a recent Q & A that figures going forward will feature the new ankles used on Vikor. Does this pertain to reissues as well, or will those remain the same as their original counterparts? (I for one hope they stay the same, as I would hate to have inferior figures just because I bought them earlier on...)

No, reissues will be straight reissues where we can ask the factory to just turn the machine on again. If a figure needs to be worked on or altered, it requires a “development slot” and we tend to save these slots for new figures.

4.) MOTU Classics has covered just about every era of MOTU now.... except the 1987 movie! Sure, Preternia He-Man has a Cosmic Key, but can fans expect to see one of the three vintage movie figures (Gwildor, Saurod, or Blade) done this year? (Gwildor is my number one most wanted MOTUC figure...)

We do have plans to get to those figures eventually (since they had vintage toys made) but we are not yet ready to reveal when they are coming. Stay tuned!

5.) The DC Comics character Warlord seems like a great fit for the DCUC Vs MOTUC treatment! If for some reason you did manage to get him into these packs, is there any chance he could use a MOTUC buck instead of DCUC parts? This would be a great homage to his vintage counterpart (which shared a very similar body style to vintage Masters figures).

Definitely not. MOTUC buck are proprietary to the MOTU brand and will not be used for other brands. This would make a cool pack however!

Thanks to Mattel for taking the time to do this!



  1. Number 3, why would you hope they stay the same? All it does is prevent other collectors who couldn't get the figure the first time around from getting one with improved ankles. That's pretty selfish if you ask me

  2. Well, it's not really being selfish as it is wanting it to be fair to all collectors of the line. Why should those who have been in the line since the beginning, supporting it so that it has made it this long, be stuck with inferior product? That leaves the early collectors with the option of keeping the inferior product... or rebuying everyone they already own. Neither seems fair.