Friday, January 8, 2010

Hordak & Kronis Test Shots

My friend Nick and I picked up a couple of test shot prototypes from an overseas dealer the other day. They arrived this morning and I figured folks may enjoy checking them out while we await this month's releases. (Sorry for the sub-par pictures... I'll ask my wife to take better ones sometime).

First up is Nick's Hordak. Notice the shorter style loin cloth on this- which we both think looks much better than the longer Grayskull-style they went with...

And I picked up a Trap Jaw test shot. I guess I should really call it Kronis, since it doesn't have any of the Trap Jaw parts...

Check out the detailing on his boot soles-

One thing that worries me on the figures is the interchangeable arm feature. It switches out using a very small post the fits into a rotating socket in the shoulder-

Now I'm judging this based on the proto, and it may end up changing, but the joint doesn't lock in all that well. There's a little bit of a wiggle to the arm and when you twist the bicep joint, the arm pops right out. I really hope they improve on that in the production version.